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What We Do

At the club we have two main seasons, Summer (Easter to September) and Winter (September to Easter). During the summer period we meet outdoors in the surrounding area every Friday evening. During the winter period we meet Friday evenings at Alton sports centre (see below for times). There are occasional other events including weekends away, walks & BBQs! For more information and directions to the sports centre visit Where We Meet.


The sort of things we get up to at the club:

In the summer months (outdoors)
In the winter months (pool)

Touring rivers and lakes

Surfing on the beaches of the south coast

(that is CANOE surfing, it does exist)

Sea kayaking on inland harbours on the south coast

Paddling canals


Paddling skills



Having fun!



During the winter at the pool there are two sessions, a junior session for children and teenagers, and an adult session.

Junior session: 6:40 - 7:30 

Adult session: 7:30 - 8:30


Usually the diving pool is open during our session on Friday night. Please note that we only hire the main pool and the use of the other two pools is at the discretion of the sports centre and the life guards on duty.