Activities Friday 29th May

A Little Quiz:

Today’s quiz is another one from the scouting magazine take a look here

Training Videos

You never know we may get out paddling at some point this year… But if not here is an alternative way to practice your roll:

Something to get your brains working

This weeks puzzle is not for the faint hearted… (I use to love this style of puzzle but I am a bit rusty). It comes from Braingle. The grid is interactive, but you might find it easier to print it out and work on paper. Good Luck!

The adventure
The wind hit the faces of the four friends with vigor force.
Todd jerked Clea’s arm and whispered, “No, it’s this way..”
“You’re crazy,” she shot back. “I know these trails better than you ever will. You wanna win this thing? Follow me.”
Todd retorted stubbornly, “No way! I’ll manage on my own.” He walked off down one of the paths and soon disappeared into the dark trees. Clea scoffed and continued on in a different direction.
A few hundred yards away, Jake and Bryan were stealthily making their way through the prickly shrub. “Found anything yet?” Jake whispered as softly as he could but the silence of the night still made his voice stand out.
“Keep it down, wouldya?” Bryan scolded. “No, I haven’t found anything. We don’t even know what we’re looking for, remember?”
“Well, neither do they.”
“Yeah but they seem to have the brains..” Jake rolled his eyes at Bryan’s insult. “That is, if they can manage to get along long enough.” Both boys chuckled at the thought of their best friends actually getting through one hour, let alone one night, without an argument.
“Let’s just keep walking,” Jake suggested. “At least maybe we’ll find the campsite. How many different ones are there, anyway?”
“Four. Shadybrook, Hillside, Pebblespring and…I can’t recall the fourth.” Bryan shrugged and the two kept walking.
“Found one!” Clea exclaimed as she picked up the mystery item from its hiding place. She heard someone stumble and fall with an abrupt “Ah!” and she quickly spun around to catch Todd face dive a few feet behind her. “Would you watch where you’re going?” she snapped. “They’ll figure out our location! And besides, weren’t you going solo for the rest of the night.”
“Well I was,” Todd mumbled, brushing dirt and leaves from his sweatshirt. He looked up at Clea and smirked, “‘Til I stumbled across you on my path. Thought you knew these trails well.”
“You weren’t even on a path, Todd. Don’t kid yourself. And yeah, you certainly stumbled didn’t you?” Clea’s comment caused Todd’s smirk to quickly drop from his face.
Suddenly noticing the new object in Clea’s hand, Todd tried to snatch it as he said, “Hey! When’d you get this?”
Clea promptly snatched it back. “Just now.”
“Is it one of the items?”
“It certainly fits the clues doesn’t it?” Todd studied the piece for a bit, shuffled through his pockets eventually coming up with some slips of paper, looked at them, back at the piece, back at the papers, and eventually nodded in agreement.
Clea groaned and rolled her eyes. “C’mon. We still have one more to find plus the right campsite.” She grabbed Todd’s hand and they hurried off.

The challenge
So the four friends are involved in a scavenger hunt on a camping trip. Help place them at the right campsite and with the correct objects using the same clues below (some clues are the actual clues given to the friends). Also, try to figure out where each object was hidden.
Each team goes with one campsite and two items.

Clea and Todd are the Red Team
Jake and Bryan are the Blue Team

Note that only one campsite per team will be used but each team gets clues for two of the four. It is your job to decipher the clues AND decide which one is the actual site.


1. Blue Team:
Your water is plenty.
Though the sun may be hot,
You’re guarded much better
In this bug-thriving spot.
The sunburn’s relentless.
You’re thirsting for more.
The only thing you won’t get
Is a sudden downpour.

Which of these will be your home? And which will leave you all alone?
2. The clue for the hairdryer was not given to Clea, but she was given the following hiding spot clue:
I am not hollow,
Am not round,
You’ll find me running
Through the ground.
3. Jake had clues for none of these three: the frying pan, the object found underneath the leaves, and a campsite containing a double consonant in its spelling pattern.
4. Neither the clues to the log hiding spot nor the frying pan belonged to the Red Team.
5. The belt was found in the leaves but was not found by a member of the Blue Team, whereas the frying pan was found in someplace other than the log.
6. The Red Team’s campsite had the following clue: A naturally rounded fragment between 4 and 64 millimeters along with a small stream of water flowing naturally from the earth.