Activities Friday 1st May

A Little Quiz:

Todays quiz is from the scouting magazine take a look here
On their website it caused much debate so see how you get on…

If you like this quiz then they have a lot more take a look here

Training Videos

This weeks first video is about draw stroke – Strokes and Concepts

This next video is about river features enjoy…


Something to get your brains working

Thanks to for the photo

Four adventurers traveling together (Stephen, Jon, Kate and Ken) need to cross a river in a small canoe.
The canoe can only carry 100kg.
Stephen weighs 90kg, Jon weighs 80kg, Kate weighs 60kg and Ken weighs 40 kg, and they have 20kg of supplies.

How do they get across?

Send your solutions to us via this form, most creative solutions will be published next week.