We are a friendly Canoe Club based at Alton Leisure Centre and we are a club of two halves….

We meet almost every Friday evening throughout the year.

During the winter months we run weekly sessions in the Leisure Centre pool. These sessions are primarily aimed at developing paddle skills and are perfectly suited to introduce new members to the sport whilst giving existing members time to hone their skills.

The evening is split into two, with a dedicated junior’s session followed by the senior’s session.

Each evening we aim to cover a different aspect of kayaking and canoeing such as rolling, rescues, slalom and everyone’s favourite, canoe polo.

We have our own pool based canoes and equipment for members to use so there is no need to splash out on kit if you are just starting out.

Just bring your own swim gear.

During the summer months we venture outside.

Groups of friends from the club arrange to meet up at various outdoor locations each Friday evening, usually within an hour’s drive of Alton.

These sessions are aimed at those who have their own equipment and a reasonable level of competence on the water.

Feel free to come along, meet us and, whichever section of the club appeals to you the most, you can be sure of a friendly welcome and non-pressured atmosphere.